DosBlaster 3.0

DosBlaster adds DOSbox access to your Windows Explorer
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DosBlaster is an extension for Windows Explorer that adds DOSbox access to it. This will allow you to right-click on any DOS executable file in your Windows Explorer and run it in DOSbox without opening the DOSbox environment first or making any shortcuts. DosBlaster ‘Tigerton’ is the complete name of this extension, and it contains several useful parameters that you can customize.

The package includes DOSBox 0.70, the main engine used for running DOS programs. Through the configuration utility, you can adjust different parameters in terms of allocating CPU, RAM, video and audio cards, and other devices you may want to use when running games and programs in DOSBox.

This tool can be used to run any DOS program, but it was specially designed for old games, those that usually will not run in Windows. That is why the contextual menu shows two entries titled as "Run Game" and "Config Game". The former will launch the desired program, while the latter will let you configure DOSbox for that specific program. Once you finish running your DOS application, the system will return you to a DOS prompt.

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  • It lets you configure the resources your PC will use for each individual program


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